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Latest News

Developers: Please note the maintenance hours listed below for which the servers will be offline.

Bugzilla and the Wiki are now online and are undergoing testing. This work has just begun. Please refrain from making any submits or edits at this time. We'll provide an all clear when they have been fully verified.

The Perforce and MySQL servers have been upgraded. Please continue using your command line P4 and P4Win tools. Do not use P4V at this time. At an appropriate time, we'll provide guidance for moving forward with new tools.

If you're having any difficulties with the tools, post a description that includes the issue, platform, and OS version to the New Server Issues thread in the contributors newsgroup.

Project Status

Our current release is version 1.90 dated 2010-05-25. The installation packages and manuals are available for download. Review the readme and license for assistance with the installation. Packages for C/C++, FORTRAN 77, and daily development builds are available under the Download tab above.

Server Status

Maintenance time is being implemented to allow for development and testing. The server will be offline during the following hours:

Sun - Fri11 PM CST - 2 AM CSTMon - Sat6 AM CET - 9 AM CET
Sat11 PM CST - 5 AM CSTSun6 AM CET - 12 PM CET

This will also include occasional, unscheduled maintenance on Saturday afternoon USA, evening Europe.

Our application servers are undergoing development and testing. Server status (Online, Testing, Offline) is shown above. We ask that you refrain from accessing the system until the Online is given. This will give us time to validate and test the system. Server revision status is shown below:


Perforce Version Control

We use Perforce Helix as our version control system. We thank Perforce Software Inc. for their continuing support. P4 command line clients for Windows, OS/2 now ECS, and Linux are available for download. Consult the user guides for assistance with installation and usage.

P4Web Online Source Access

Our current source tree //depot/openwatcom may be viewed online or under the Source tab above. Recent submits are also available online.

Internet News Groups

We provide developer and end user newsgroups at, protocol NNTP, port 119. No password or login ID are required. After configuring your newsreader, subscribe to one or more of the following groups: bugzilla, contributors, users.assembler, users.c_cpp, and users.fortran.

Internet Relay Chat

We are also online at IRC channel #watcom on, also on After configuring your IRC client, assign yourself a nickname and join the channel. For assistance with freenode, review the Knowledge Base.

Bugzilla Bug Tracking

Mozilla's Bugzilla is the foundation for our bug tracking system. Consult the user guide and wiki for assistance. A practice server is available at the Bugzilla Landfill. Bug reports may be submitted and reviewed online or under the Bugzilla tab above.

Wiki Documentation

Our legacy documentation is available online or at the Wiki tab above.