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Build servers start running daily about midnight (0:00 UTC).

These servers create the full Open Watcom system and run the regression tests. They uses two passes. During the first pass the current released version of Open Watcom is used to compile the system. During the second pass the compilers created during the first pass are used to rebuild the system. The posted binary snapshot is taken from first pass. The snapshots contain installers for DOS, Linux(x86), OS/2 and Win32 host operating systems. They are located in the snapshot root folder. There are some exceptions, see below in each server description.

This Server is running regression tests for Win32(386) and for DOS(i86) targets only. The snapshot contains limited set of on-line documentation (DOS, Windows 3.x and Win95 format) and full set of PDF documentation. Note: This build server is currently off-line pending acquisition of a new server system.

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