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Lua is an increasingly popular scripting language, in some ways similar to Perl or Python, it is however much smaller yet remarkably powerful after many years of development. The whole application in in C. It is deliberately very portable, with the core compilable as strict ANSI C, although to be useful some relaxation is needed in operating system specific libraries.

Open Watcom has no trouble at all with Lua.

 Static link YES
 Win32 YES
 Linux not known at this time (Lua is cross platform)
 DOS 16 YES (with very restricted stack space and 8.3 filenames)
 Embeddable in Open Watcom applications YES
 Commercial applications YES
 Application call Lua YES
 Lua call application YES
 TCP/IP YES, Luasockets library, static (difficult without instructions) or dynamic linking.
 Current version 5.1 (5.1.4 at mid 2008)

Is OSI under a licence similar to MIT.

The first thing to understand is you have to throw away the "official" build instructions which are GNU or MS specific.

Building Lua, dynamic linking using OW IDE

Building Lua, static linking using OW IDE

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