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Under Construction. Thank you for your patience.

Here are a few topics I'll be discussing in upcoming blogs.

2012-06-21 Welcome to the Open Watcom Project

2012-08-07 Software Build, Test, and Release Plan

2012-11-19 New Targets for New Applications

2012-mm-dd Generation 1.9x Stability and Feature Upgrades

2012-mm-dd OS Trends and Legacy Platform Development

2012-mm-dd Generation 2.0x Technology Roadmap

2012-mm-dd Introducing the New Unix Hosts

2012-mm-dd Database and Build Enhancements for Unix

2012-mm-dd Tool and Library Enhancements for Unix

2012-mm-dd Tool and Library Enhancements for Windows

2012-mm-dd A More Capable and Highly Integrated GUI

2012-mm-dd High Performance Computing For the Masses

2012-mm-dd A New Environment for HW/SW CoDesign

2012-mm-dd DOS as a Host Platform

2012-mm-dd DOS, Netware, and Open Enterprise Server

2012-mm-dd OS/2 (now eComStation) for the Sophisticated User

2012-mm-dd Navigating the Mobile Landscape

2012-mm-dd Languages For the New Millennium

2012-mm-dd Assembler, Kernel Mode Driver, and DLL Development

2012-mm-dd OW Website Enhancements


Marty Stanquist

Maintainer, Open Watcom Project

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