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NOTE: The website and application servers will undergo extended maintenance and will be offline during the first week of June. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your interest and support.

Our application servers are undergoing development and testing after a recent host upgrade. We thank Perforce Software Inc. for making this possible.

To facilitate development, we will be implementing maintenance time during the early morning hours in which the server will be offline. Check below for details.

The Perforce server has been successfully upgraded to version 2015.2. We were previously at version 2006.1. With this development, we ask that you back up your workspaces and critical files and hold off on any planned submits. Additionally, please continue using your command line P4 and P4Win tools only. Do not use P4V at this time. We have just begun evaluating the new server. At the appropriate time, we'll issue an ALL CLEAR and provide guidance for moving forward. If you're having any difficulties with the tools, post a description that includes the issue, platform, and OS version to the New Perforce Server Issues thread in the contributors newsgroup.

The old MySQL server is now running on the new machine. Work is underway to upgrade the Bugzilla and Wiki databases from version 4.1.20 to 5.5.44.

Project Status

Our current release is version 1.90 dated 2010-05-25. The installation packages and manuals are available for download. Review the readme and license for assistance with the installation.

Server Status

Maintenance time is being implemented to allow for development and testing. The server will be offline during the following hours:

Sun - Fri11 PM CST - 2 AM CSTMon-Sat6 AM CET - 9 AM CET
Sat11 PM CST - 5 AM CSTSun6 AM CET - 12 PM CET

This will also include occasional, unscheduled maintenance on Saturday afternoon USA, evening Europe.

Our application servers are undergoing development and testing. Server status (Online, Testing, Offline) is shown above. We ask that you NOT attempt to access the system until the Online is given. This will give us time to validate and test the system.