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Christof Meerwald

I used to work on improving the C++ frontend until late 2009.

C++ Development Compiler Changelog

  • changed name mangling for function templates to include template arguments
  • explicit specification of function template arguments
  • template function overloading fixes
  • lazy instantiation of template members
  • out-of-class definition of member templates
  • function return type must be specified, no longer assumes to be int
  • main must return int
  • don't allow void::~void()
  • inject class name into class
  • typename
  • be more strict on diagnosing invalid virtual/explicit function modifiers
  • template function friend declaration
  • template function default arguments
  • lazy instantiation of class templates (see 14.7.1 Implicit instantiation [temp.inst])
  • lazy generation of virtual function thunks
  • check that null pointer constant is of integer type
  • implemented nested class access rule (see 11.8 Nested classes [class.access.nest])
  • implemented explicit call of a destructor for any scalar type name (see 12.4 Destructors [class.dtor] (14)).
  • properly check conversions for pointers to arrays

Bugzilla Status


An experimental version of STLport 5.1.5 for Open Watcom 1.8 is available from [1]. Simply unzip the file inside your Open Watcom 1.8 installation directory and start using it by adding %WATCOM%/h/stlport to your include path and linking your program with stlport.5.1.lib. You'll also have to use -xs -xr -br -bm -na command line options.

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