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I'm Sadovnikov Vladimir (nickname: SadKo)!

I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.

I'm an alternative OS developer and I'm developing my own operating system named XSystem (Also known as XSystem Kernel). I'm a member of a small OS developers' team - XSystem Kernel Team. My OS project has a status of an open source project and everybody interested can help and join this project. All kernel sources and many utilities are compiled with OpenWatcom C++ and OpenWatcom Assembler.

Also I began to build OpenWatcom distributions for openSUSE Linux as RPM-packages. My friends also will help me to build OpenWatcom distributions for Gentoo Linux as ebuilds. All Linux distributions I will put on my site. Hope that my work (building packages) will not stop :).

My contacts:

My site: (sorry, but now it's only in russian language)

ICQ: 25[one]-08[one]-46[seven]

jabber - sadovnikov [at] jabber [dot] ru

email - sadko [underline] sobaka [at] rambler [dot] ru

My Blog -

My activity:

Discovered bugs: #812

Patches:: #811

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