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About me

I've been using Open Watcom for a while. My professional programming interests are in high level languages like Visual Basic, php and C#. However, I like to tinker with C and have used it professionaly on occasion. I hope to contribute the following to this site:

  • Tutorials and references for writing DLLs in OpenWatcom and accessing them from other compilers.
  • Highlighting whatever nuances I discover releating to Open Watcom that fustrate me for hours. Hopefully this will lead to my fustrations being resolved as well as others not making my mistakes.
  • Looking for a way to contribute to the documentation for the linux port. If there is some use I could be in this regard, please talk or email me.

Personnel Projects

A GPLed JetSQL (Ms Access) and SQLite database editor.

  • My OW Related Projects Areas of the Open Watcom I have/am/will contribute to. My efforts are mostly documentation releated.
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