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Here is a list of personnel projects that are on my todo list in regards to OpenWatcom.



IDE Customizing

I've been using gvim as the editor for the OW IDE for years. I've always thought it would be a good idea to figure out how to make it load on the line number of an error, etc. I never made it happen. Peter Keckert did and explained how on the newsgroups. I turned that into the wiki article linked to above.
The IDE allows you to specify a DLL as well as an EXE for the editor. A DLL would probably be able to work better than an exe, as interop would be much easier. There are OLE ties for GVIM that could in theory be uses by a middleman DLL to take advantage of these features. At some point I might be motivated to move from speculating about this to auctually figuring it out.


As I search for information on OW debugging, I will keep my notes here.
The debugger doesn't auctually support connecting to a running process. However, there was some work in this direction. I've made some notes on how it should work.


Much of the watcom toolchain is "unique." Also much open source software is developed with the GNU toolchain. If the watcom compiler could be used with components of the GNU toolchain, it would get more users. Parts of Mingw I would like to use with watcom are below:

  • DrMingw A JIT debugger for Win32. Apparently it only supports stabs format, which as far as I can tell Watcom does not. However, the code could be used to make wdw work.
    • Some more code that catches windows exceptions is here and here.
  • MSYS Is a collection of software that gives you a terminal window with a bash prompt, and enough stuff to run ./configure && make && make install. The watcom posix tools could be setup in this envirorment and one could use CC=owcc ./configure To compile a program with watcom in theory.

Outside Projects

I contributed windows dll support, watcom project files and some code to make it compile in watcom a few years ago. Who knows if it still compiles in watcom. I will look at this.

User:Zippy1981/Compiling lame with watcom An exercise I am engaging in to learn how to use the posix tools and the nmake clone. Eventually this will bear fruit in documentation.

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