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Using the Open Watcom compilers / tools to develop a project or product? List it here to make others aware of it, and show what the tools can be used to make. Both open and closed source, free and commercial can be listed, given that they are made mainly with Open Watcom compilers and tools.



  • Enemy Engaged: Rah66 Comanche vs Ka52 Hokum - a Windows-only combat helicopter simulation, compiled with Open Watcom. This is a community project dedicated to enhancing the game released by Razorworks in 1999.
  • Scratches/SCream engine - The engine powering the adventure game Scratches was developed and compiled with Open Watcom C/C++. It currently runs on all Windows systems and will be ported to Mac and Linux.
  • Canabis - Open Source Canasta card-game for OS/2 Warp (including eComStation) and Windows 9x/NT. It's completely written in Open Watcom FORTRAN 77 using for instance FORTRAN/TK and EXPAT/77.
  • Duke Nukem 3D - Compiled with Open Watcom v1.0. Click the "Addtional Information" sign on the page for detailed README.
  • Shadow Warrior v. 1.2 - Compiled with Open Watcom v1.3. Click the "Addtional Information" sign on the page for detailed README.
  • Doom engine clone - DOS, a demo, no enemies or gameplay. Runs well, no compile testing performed. The page contains two 3D engine source packages compiling with Watcom.
  • NanoTech - Full game, and with some semi-minor tweaks the source will compile for DOS. Uses the Varmint Audio system that can be found here: Files folder in the file (works, but no source).


Graphic Libraries

  • GBM - Generalised Bitmap Module
  • TxWin - Text-mode windowing library, Multi-platform: DOS, OS/2, Windows and Linux; Open Source (LGPL)
  • FORTRAN/TK - cross-platform (OS/2 Warp and Windows 9x/NT) widget toolkit for the Open Watcom FORTRAN 77 compiler/dialect including its own small API for additional functionality.
  • POV-Ray - DOS, binary based on Watcom + Causeway.

Photoshop Plugins

  • Some Photoshop plugins developed by Toby Thain. Peter Heckert has begun to compile them with Open Watcom. For an example of how to compile Photoshop plugins with Open Watcom see his Count Colours Filter Photoshop plugin.


  • DISLIN - scientific plotting / data presentation library for Open Watcom compilers.
  • gnuplot - one of the most widely available plotting programs for scientific data and functions. OpenWatcom may well become the reference compiler for the DOS/Windows/OS2 builds of gnuplot, largely because it offers the prospect of cross-compiling all versions from Linux.

Medical Software

  • Mevis CAT3D - Radiotherapy Planning System ( TPS ) developed with Open Watcom C/C++ and WASM. 3D conformal RT, IMRT, brachytherapy and multimodality image matching.
  • Mevis MNPS - Stereotactic Neurosurgery Planning System developed with Open Watcom C/C++ and WASM. Digitalized functional atlas, radiosurgery, brachytherapy and multimodality image matching.

Operating Systems

  • FreeDOS - Open Watcom is the primary compiler used for the kernel and many utilities.
  • XSystem - Operating system written with object-oriented Watcom C++ compiler. Many utilities & kernel are written using OpenWatcom C++, WASM and FASM compilers.
  • FreeRTOS - DOS port built with Open Watcom.
  • osFree - The operating system Open Source. Based on OS/2, and the L4 microkernel. OS/2 personality, and many other servers and utilites built with Open Watcom.

Programming related

  • Harbour project - Multi platform Clipper (xBase) language compiler. Open source and free.
  • X-DSC - Modula-2 / Oberon-2 cross programming system with C source output. Main build for MSVC, but .bat for Watcom build present. Freeware.
  • Pawn - Virtual Machine (VM/p-code) and language, loosely based on Small-C.
  • Euphoria - a simple, powerful programming language for DOS, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.
  • MIT/GNU Scheme - MIT/GNU Scheme is a functional programming language. Its windows binary package is compiled on Windows XP using Open Watcom C/C++.
  • SimplyFortran - Windows IDE built with Open Watcom.
  • GAUL - Genetic Algorithm Utility Library


  • Mpxplay - DOS based (32-bit) & Win32 (98, 2000, XP) audio player, open source.


  • Mr. Message - a native AIM client for OS/2
  • MSS - Martin's Server Suite includes Snug HTTP server and YAFS (FTP)
  • mTCP - TCP/IP for DOS/Packet Driver with a telnet client, FTP client, Netcat, IRC client, DHCP client, SNTP client, and Ping.

System Utilities

  • DFSee - Disk analysis, maintenance and recovery. OS/2-eCS, DOS, Windows and Linux. dfsee-075.gif
  • XOSL-OW - Open Watcom (version 1.8) Port of the XOSL Boot Manager.


  • Xwisp2 - Support program for the Wisp628 programmer for Microchip flash PICmicros. OS/2, Linux, Windows, MacOS, FreeBSD. Freeware.
  • Workplace Shell Toolkit for OS/2 and eComStation from V1.60 on can be compiled and as well used by projects using the Open Watcom Compiler
  • Weak Signal (audio) Software - Source DOS/SoundBlaster
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