Building Lua, dynamic linking using OW IDE

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Obtain the current source distribution and unpack into an empty subdirectory.

First we build lualib.dll

Fire up the OW IDE.

Create a new target named lualib and of type dll

The file list is given in the file INSTALL but here is it anyway, insert these files into the target.

 lapi.c lcode.c ldebug.c ldo.c ldump.c lfunc.c lgc.c llex.c
 lmem.c lobject.c lopcodes.c lparser.c lstate.c lstring.c
 ltable.c ltm.c lundump.c lvm.c lzio.c
 lauxlib.c lbaselib.c ldblib.c liolib.c lmathlib.c loslib.c
 ltablib.c lstrlib.c loadlib.c linit.c

In / menu / options / C compile switches

Macro definitions


I'd set space optimisation and no debug. (the code is fine)

Save the project.

Hit compile. All being well a .dll appears.

Now we build the interpreter

Add a new target into the same project, name it lua and of type command line executable.

Populate the source files pane with just one file,




/menu/options/windows linking switches

Stack op, something much larger than OW default, with is very small maybe


Under pane 2, import export switches, under libraries, the middle text entry box


Save the project.

Hit compile and all being well lua.exe has appeared.

Run it, should pick up the the dll and off you go. A good first test, assuming you can find the source files

 > dofile("factorial.lua")

This loads and executes a script with that name.

If you want you can add another target luac.exe, with is a compiler to binary for scripts. A compiled script is roughly the same size but load slightly faster and a known free from syntax errors. For most users this utility is of little use.

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