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Well, I was looking for a discussion group (none available on watcom on my ISP) and found myself here. I've just cracked open and installed my originally purchased copy of Watcom Fortran 77 ver 11, and want to use it for math modeling. Previously, I've used command-line compilers. Basically, I have two questions:

1) Are there any significant bugs in my version of F77, or were those history comments directed towards C++?

2) In my Watcom/samples/ide/fortran folder installed on the hard drive, it has a project that produces a 3-D rendering of a kitchen, in what seems to be a Windows GUI window. Great. I'd like to use those features to show 2-D graphs of the model variables as the math model iterates toward a solution. But I can't find anything in the humongous set of on-disk Watcom F77 user manuals that clearly describes the subroutines necessary to do that. The graphics package help manuals claim that it is made for DOS and QNX, and operates in a DOS or QNX window. Do the graphics routines used in the example actually exist in the compiler I bought? And if so, where are they?

I don't see either of those topics listed on this site.

Don Baker Tulsa OK

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