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"For now, compatibility with Windows XP, NT (with NTLFN), and 2k is not an issue"

I fail to see any logic or reason in this statment. If it is supported, why should it not be supported on all platforms where the program may run? OS/2 is not mentioned. RR 22:59, 5 April 2006 (PDT)

Compatibility With Windows NT-based Operating Systems

The LFN interrupts that are supported by Windows NT-based Operating Systems such as Windows 2000 and XP are buggy, and hence supporting them should be done after stability on non-buggy systems is affirmed. Workarounds for bugs in Windows Operating Systems can still find themselves into the library, but should not be considered first priority, rather second.

Long DOS filenames under XP

I've recently converted a program to the Watcon C compiler (the IDE is version 1.7, I don't know how to tell the library versions) for the sole purpose of supporting long filenames. The program is compiled in the 32-bit Causeway model, which seems to be the only 32-bit DOS model supported by the debugger (although even this model frequently hangs). Anyway, as long as the filename doesn't contain spaces, all is OK, but any space in the name causes fopen to fail. I've confirmed that the path passed to fopen is correct.

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